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3 Japanese Healthy Foods To Try This Autumn

Devil’s tongue, daikon, and shiitake: what are they, and what are they good for? Read on to learn about three Japanese superfoods you should try this autumn!

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Japan Travel Etiquette

Now that the borders have opened, it’s time for a trip to Japan! Read this article for tips on etiquette when traveling in Japan.

Exploring Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki is not typically high on the list of places to visit in Japan, for both foreign and even Japanese tourists, but, after living in the prefecture for 8 months,…

Foreigner Friendly Apartments and Share Houses in Japan.

We provide a free matching service between you and the property manager. Our services are designed to help who want to live in Japan.

How to organize a tiny apartment

Let’s face it, accommodations in Japan are tiny, with the average floor space for an apartment in Tokyo being 65.9 sqm – and only 41 sqm of that is used…

Four Autumn Outings In and Around Tokyo

Cozy socks and sweaters aren’t the only perks of autumn, try these four stunning autumn outings before the changing leaves leave us for good this season!

3 Simple Weekday Japanese Recipes

Cooking doesn’t have to be challenging, especially when making these delicious and healthy weekday recipes! Whether you’re busy, or just need some inspiration, these authentic Japanese recipes will be a…

Be fully prepared for typhoon season in Japan

The lack of sunny days and difficulty in hanging laundry outdoors is a sure sign that it’s officially the rainy season in Japan. What’s more, typhoons peak in the country…

Art Week Tokyo Pass

Art Week Tokyo is an annual showcase of the creativity and diversity of the Japanese contemporary art scene.

Japanese Literature Starter Guide

Curious about Japanese literature but can’t figure out where to dive in? From classical pieces to modern tales, you’ll find something intriguing in this starter’s guide to Japanese literature.