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Finding South Asian Food in Tokyo

Living in a new country is exciting. The sights, the sounds, the smells, there’s so much to explore. However, one aspect that really worries many people that come from South…

Basic Guide to Visas in Japan

*Due to the spread of COVID-19, Japan has tightened regulations for entering the country. Check here for more information. Is it your lifelong dream to climb Mt. Fuji or eat…

Bento: History of the humble Japanese lunch box

The bento box is an integral part of Japanese food culture. Right from the home cooked bento to the ones sold at convenience stores, they are not only visually appealing but also tasty and nutritious.

Japanese Bento

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Public Holidays in Japan

There are currently sixteen national holidays in Japan. They were established by the Public Holiday Law in 1948.

How to Spend a Day in Naoshima

Naoshima Art Island has many fascinating art installations and pieces of architecture that draw inspiration from the local surroundings and merge them with works by international artists. Introduction

Foreigner Friendly Apartments and Share Houses in Japan.

We provide a free matching service between you and the property manager. Our services are designed to help who want to live in Japan.

The Importance of Business Cards in Japan

Japanese business etiquette is complex with many rules and business card exchange forms the core of it. Mastering this technique is the ley to establishing good business relationships.

Benefits of Living in Osaka vs Tokyo

Five solid arguments that’ll convince you Osaka is better than Tokyo. These benefits are game changers for anyone thinking of where to live in Japan.

How To Buy Cheap Furniture in Tokyo

Buying furniture in Tokyo can be expensive. However, if you check out a few websites and head to some stores, you can furnish your place without breaking the bank.

A Gaikokujin’s Guide to Living Cheap in Tokyo

An Australian and New Zealander sit peacefully at a table. Dinnertime has passed, the banter has subsided, and the conversation has turned to living matters. The details are about their…

Tsuyu The Japanese Rainy Season

Every month in Japan seams to have something celebrated. June marks the arrival of Summer and with that the rainy season or Tsuyu as it’s known. Tsuyu means plum rain…