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Why are Japanese fascinated with blood type?

Has anyone in Japan ever asked your blood type? Just like with horoscopes, in Japan blood types are a way of guessing someone’s personality. In this article we take a…

Foreigner Friendly Apartments and Share Houses in Japan.

We provide a free matching service between you and the property manager. Our services are designed to help who want to live in Japan.

Tips for going to a modern Japanese wedding

Attending a modern Japanese wedding is a great experience and one that shouldn’t be missed. There are a few customs you should be aware of before you attend though. In…

Japanese Apartment Layouts Guide

1K, 2LDK… what do the terms on a Japanese apartment layout mean? Read for a guide on what you need to know about searching and finding the place of your…

What is Key Money and should you pay it?

Key money is a fee you find listed on many Japanese real estate listings but what is it? In this article we talk about this mysterious fee. We cover what…

The Language of a Japanese Post Office

Are you sending a letter to a friend? What about a package? Sending letters or packages in Japan can be stressful if you don’t know the right words. Going to…
Yamanote Line train

Fun facts about the Yamanote Line

Love it or hate it, the Yamanote Line is arguably the most important train line in Tokyo, both culturally, historically, and geographically.