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3 Japanese Healthy Foods To Try This Autumn

Devil’s tongue, daikon, and shiitake: what are they, and what are they good for? Read on to learn about three Japanese superfoods you should try this autumn!

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Taito: Tokyo’s Most Traditional Ward

Despite Taito’s status as a major tourist hub, the area is surprisingly budget-friendly. It is also a multifaceted ward, with a neighborhood for everyone, from sleepy shitamachi to lively nightlife.

The Secret that is Tsujido

You’re spoilt for choice in Tsujido, the secret surf town in the heart of Fujisawa, Kanagawa. Surf on the sunny side, hangout with the locals, and shop until you drop…

Foreigner Friendly Apartments and Share Houses in Japan.

We provide a free matching service between you and the property manager. Our services are designed to help who want to live in Japan.

Buying Japanese skincare products on a budget

Great, youthful-looking skin is something great to have. However, we all know how a skincare regime can burn a hole through the pockets. Not to worry, the following guide aims…

The Absolute Don’ts When in Japan

In Japan there are many unobvious faux pas, and due to the non-direct culture, there’s a high chance you will not be corrected. From hygiene to general etiquette, it is crucial…

Celebrating the Emperor’s Birthday

Just like the name suggests, the second national holiday in February is in celebration of the emperor’s birth, but who is he, and what does he do?

Uchi-Soto: Are you in or out!

Along with Honne and Tatemae, the duality of Uchi-Soto is another Japanese social custom that continues to bewilder and frustrate the Gaijin.

What is Valentine’s Day like in Japan?

Japanese Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently from everywhere else, and there are a few things to keep in mind before joining the celebration.

Celebrate Japan On National Foundation Day

National Foundation Day is one of the 16 national holidays marked on the Japanese calendar, but do you know what it commemorates? Read on to find out!