Between Chuo and Edogawa is the Koto City.  Basically, much of the Koto has been urbanized so there are few old shrines and temples.  


Ariake is one of the top districts to explore, as it is a part of Odaiba, a man made island. Therefore, the district is filled with aquatics attractions. Actually, it’s also well known for being the site of the Tokyo Big Sight, an international exhibition centre.

Ariake Coliseum

Tennis competitions are held at the Ariake Coliseum, such as the well known Japan Open. It also hosts some of the biggest events year-round such as Comic-Con and Design Fiesta.

AgeHa Nightclub

At night, beside Odaiba, there is entertainment around Shin-Kiba district such as AgeHa nightclub. Surpringly, the nightclub is known for hosting international DJs such as David Guetta and Porter Robinson.

That said, if you’re not into nightclubs, there are still plenty of restaurants and attractions around such as Tokyo Big Gate and Tokyo Sky Wheel.

Kiyosumi Garden

For those who are looking for greenery areas, the Kiyosumi Garden is a highlight of the ward. Not to mention, you can also find traditional Japanese restaurant and a memorial Hall of Emperor Taisho if you are looking to experience old Japan.

Tokyo Sky Wheel
Tokyo Sky Wheel

Living in Koto

Koto contains 45 districts. Well known districts close to Odaiba are Ariake, Aomi, and Shinonome. The neighborhood of Toyosu is one of the Tokyo’s most modernized living area. Well-known for its high-rise apartments, the urbanized area is in close proximity with famous tourist attraction such as Tsukiji Fish Market and Lalaport Toyosu. It has a family friendly atmosphere and convenient located to commercial areas. Tatsumi district is surrounded by water, joined by bridges to Shiomi, Shin-Kiba, Yumenoshima, and Shinonome. These districts are popular residential areas to live in.


You can find over ten railway lines serving Koto ward. The major railway station is Shin-Kiba Station.

For your information, if you are traveling to Odaiba, you can use the Rinkai Line to arrive at Tokyo Teleport Station.

Points of Interest

  • Ariake Coliseum
    Tokyo Big Sight
    Tokyo Big Sight
  • AgeHa Nightclub
  • Basho Memorial Hall
  • Center of the Tokyo Raids and War Damage
  • Design Festa
  • Fukagawa Edo Museum
  • Fukagawa Fudodo
  • Kiyosumi Garden
  • Miraikan
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
  • Oedo Onsen Monogatari
  • Promenade Odaiba
  • Tokyo Gate Bridge
  • Tokyo Big Sight
  • Tokyo Sky Wheel
  • Tomioka Hachiman Shrine
  • Venus Fort
  • Yumenoshima


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