Rainy season –Tsuyu– (also called Baiyu) is approaching Japan and this season doesn’t only bring hot and humid weather, but also beautiful blooming hydrangea and the ripping of the plums.

Tsuyu (梅雨) – „plum rain“ indicates, that there is also something good about this time of the year – not only the nuisance of carrying an umbrella with you every day.


After some beautiful weeks of spring with all the nice Hanami under the cherry trees, Japanese summer can be quite disappointing.
6 weeks of rain will finally lead to incredibly hot and humid weather for the rest of the summer. Be prepared and you will survive the heat!

But what about the cloudy and gloomy weather in June? Unfortunately the rainy season is not a real refreshment before the hot summer days. Rainy season happens when cold air from the North and warm air from the South converge in the late spring and early summer.

However, the exact date of the rain season varies every year and by the location. The following table shows the approximate start and ending date of the rainy season in the different areas of Japan.

Okinawa: May 8 – June 23
Kyushu: May 29 – July 13
Shikoku: June 4 – July 17
Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe: June 6 – July 19
Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba: June 8 – July 20
Tohoku: June 12 – July 27
Hokkaido: no rainy season


Travelling during rainy season is not a bad thing to do.
Japanese school kids still don’t have summer vacation and prices can be quite cheap. Attractions aren’t very crowded and if you don’t mind taking an umbrella with you, you can enjoy parks and temples surrounded by beautiful hydrangea blooming in all shades of blue and violet.

Although Tokyo gets more rain in September, the rainy season is associated with gloomy weather and cool humidity in the air. However, usually June’s already quite hot, therefore the humid weather can be quite exhausting when you live and work in Japan.

So what can you do, to survive the damp weather and still find some refreshment?

We got some tips for you to enjoy even this time of the year.
  1. Get your cute and fashionable rain boots at Nissen.
    They also have a variation of rain coats and umbrellas. Just because it is rainy doesn’t mean that you should under dress in Japan’s capital city of fashion. 🙂
  2. Carry a “sweat towel” with you.
    It will not only help you to get rid of your sweat, but also dry your clothes and luggage a bit, if you didn’t buy a proper umbrella. 😉
  3. Don’t dehydrate just because water is falling from the sky! 😉 
    Drink a lot of water and take advantage of the vending machines located everywhere around Tokyo.
  4. Get a short hair cut, tie your long hair together, wear less make up, or accept the fact, that your hair will be frizzy all the time.
    No spray will rescue you, but don’t worry if you look like a wet poodle all the time – other people will look the same. 😉
  5. Brace yourself for mould and bugs.
    Hot and humid weather attracts both. Get a mosquito net, try to get rid of your garbage in time and open windows and doors on sunny days to get some fresh air into your apartment.
  6. Take two showers a day or go to an Onsen or a Sento. You will need it. For sure.
  7. Wear quick drying clothes. Uniqlo has a bunch of good clothes designed for the rainy season. As in winter, they have a special clothing line designed for this sweaty time of the year.
    You can find their shops all over Japan.
  8. Carry extra clothes and wet wipes with you.
    They will help you to feel fresh and are a good companion to your “sweat towel”. 😉
    Many people that have to follow stricter clothing rules at work ( I mean those poor business suit wearing masses…) often have spare shirts with them or leave the house in a more casual outfit and change into a more professional outfit just before they enter the company.
  9. Use a laundromat, an air dryer, or a dehumidifier to dry your clothes and bedding if you need them right away.
    Hanging them outside will take longer to dry. Many Ofuros have installed air dryers where you can dry your clothes faster.
  10. Live in Hokkaido, travel to Hokkaido or go back to your country, if you don’t have a rainy season. 😉
    This can just be a temporary solution, if you really like Japan or if you are working here. But maybe you want to spend your holiday in Hokkaido. Then June will be the best season. 😀
  11. Do indoor activities to stay dry.
    Do you remember that one museum you always wanted to check out but never really got around to? Now is the time! Cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc offer an infinite number of museums and other indoor attractions. And maybe you are not a big art enthusiast or don’t like to stand in front of walls for hours to read descriptions but believe me, there are museums for everyone. For example, the Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park is a very interactive facility where you learn how to react in times of disasters like earthquakes. Or the Tokyo Edo Museum holds many large scale models of Edo towns and typical Edo houses. Or how about a day at the aquarium? The Tokyo Skytree Sumida Aquarium lets jellyfish look like beautiful art installations.

Whatever you do, best luck in staying dry.


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