Nakazakicho is THE place to go to for cafes, shopping, and fun! Located within walking distance to Umeda, this beautiful neighborhood is filled with a day’s worth of fun for those that just want to walk and enjoy a nice day with their friends. Nakazakicho is well known for its cafes and eateries scattered about along with its backstreets that connect to other areas around Osaka.

Any café you can think of you can probably find in Nakazakicho. To put this to the test, I decided to check out what was around in pursuit of something to satisfy my Summer cravings.

When I was ready to get my day started, I felt hungry for:
>something light (no restaurants, only cafes or cute mini shops)
>something extremely sweet or with a super sugary base!
> ice cream or kakigōri (shaved ice/かき氷)
>something fruit based
***BONUS if it’s Instagram worthy

With that in mind, I set off on my hot summer adventure around the western section of Nakazakicho.

A Variety of Tastes

Only three minutes into my walk from Nakazakicho station and I instantly spotted a very stylish café.
One of the great things about the eateries of Nakazakicho is that they offer a wide variety of flavors to send your taste buds on a wild ride. That includes food and drinks for all types of people! If you only eat organic food, fret not! There are numerous cafes and restaurants that can cater to you. Vegan? They’ve got you covered and have a range of different foods for you to try! Excited to venture out and try something? What one eatery lacks, another nearby will certainly have for you to try and indulge in.

This area is often frequented by foreigners from all countries due to it being within walking distance from the heart of Osaka. It’s a place that any foodie should go to enjoy since Nakazakicho has all types of food. Additionally, the cafes and restaurants here often have English menus or English-speaking staff happy to help you order.

Food, Shopping, Art- Oh My!

Of course, the food and shops are nice, but a little eye candy doesn’t hurt, right? Nakazakicho is bustling with lots of street art and graffiti to attract the eye and draw you in. You’ll find all kinds of art from other countries, such as jazz statues and paintings, French drawings, Asian depicted art, and more! Take your food to go as you walk around and enjoy the sites. Just like the art, many of the cafes are themed and designed with a concept in mind.

Alone or with Friends- Enjoy Until the End

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit distracted by all of the yummy food I saw on my mission around town. As a graduate student that loves to study at unique cafes, my list of study places grew the more I walked around! I definitely found places that I plan to go to when I get a bit of time between work and school, as well as other places to take my friends.
Another great point about Nakazakicho is that you can enjoy walking around alone, much like I did myself on this lovely day, or you can enjoy creating new memories while indulging yourself on some of the best food in town. Don’t be afraid to venture out on your own and tend to your cravings in this city as you’ll surely find something new that satisfies you in the end! You’ll see that many people dine and go around alone because of the pleasant atmosphere and chill setting of this area.

While I saw many places that looked absolutely delicious, I found myself circling back to the same mini outdoor café, Panino.

It checked off all of the requirements that I had for a sweet treat and I really liked the idea of eating something cold while sitting outside and enjoying the hot summer air. As someone that is poor with cold weather and that suffers when buildings blast their AC, it felt like the perfect choice to eat out. Not to mention I liked the totally Instagramable heart that was set up for people to take pictures of their desserts and drinks at. In the end, I ordered a super yummy kakigōri that was a mixture of strawberries and mangos- my two favorite fruits! The staff was kind and had bright smiles that caused me to smile as well. All in all, I would say my mission to find a delicious Summer treat was a success! Now I’m looking forward to my next mission for something sultry to sink my teeth into.