What is a Juminhyo?

The Juminhyo is an official certificate issued by the local government in Japan that confirms your residence in a specific municipality. This document contains essential information, including your name, address, and the duration of your residence at that location. It serves as proof of your legal residence and is often required for various administrative purposes.

Applying for Juminhyo in Person

Obtaining a copy of your Juminhyo (resident record) in Japan is a straightforward process that varies slightly from city to city.

Step 1: Go to your City’s Official Website
Begin by searching for your city’s official website. Each city in Japan maintains an official page where they provide guidance on application procedures. While Tokyo and certain prefectures often offer instructions in English, if you encounter difficulties, try searching using [kanji for your city] + 住民票申請書.

Step 2: Download and Complete the Juminhyo Application Form
Most city offices in Japan allow you to download and print the Juminhyo application form directly from their website. In the event you can’t find a downloadable copy online, visit your city office and apply in person.

Step 3: Gather Required Documentation
Collect the necessary documentation as specified by your city office. While most city offices have similar requirements, it’s advisable to bring all ID-verification documents such as your driver’s license, Zairyu card, passport, Special Permanent Resident Certificate, or My Number Card to be safe.

Step 4: Visit Your City Office and Submit the Paperwork
Take the completed Juminhyo application form and ID-verification documents to your city office.

Step 5: Obtain a Copy of Your Residence Record
Upon submission, pay the handling fee, typically around ¥300, and receive a copy of your Juminhyo. This document serves as proof of residence and can be utilized for various administrative purposes.

Get a juminhyo (resident record) copy by postal mail

Step 1: Download the application form.
Most cities in Japan allow you to send in your application by postal mail.

Step 2: Make a photocopy of documents verifying your ID and address.
(My Number Card, driver’s license, health insurance card, residence card, etc.)

Step 3. Prepare a fixed amount postal money order.
Use Japan Post’s postal money order (定額小為替 = teigaku kogawase) issued by Japan Post Bank to pay for the handling fee (usually around ¥300).

Step 4: Send everything in an envelope
Some city offices provide pre-paid envelopes for you to download and print. Don’t forget to include a return envelope properly addressed to your address and a 94-yen stamp.

Step 5: You will receive your residence record by post.

 Print your resident record at a convenience store

If you own a plastic My Number Card (and remember your password!)  you can print your juminhyo at convenience stores across Japan.

Step 1: Check on this website if your municipality allows resident records to be requested at the convenience store.

Step 2: Bring your plastic My Number Card (and pin code) to a participating convenience store.
Go to a participating convenience store such as 7-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, or Mini-Stop with your My Number Card.  (The service is only available at designated times usually 6:30am to 11pm).

Step 3:  Go to the kiosk/printing machine terminal and select “行政サービス”. Each convenience store will have its own interface, but in general, the information will not differ much, follow the instructions and select “住民票”. Pay the fee, and you will get a copy on the spot.