You like to work in team and multicultural environments? You want to expand your experience in the Food & Beverage industry?

This position offers you the opportunity to work for a Top Rank Market Company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the company belongs to the TSE First Section Listing!
Become a full-time employee today, or if you are a student, start as a part-timer and get hired you once you graduate next spring! 

The offer in a few words

▪️Job type: Customer service, Hall staff, Job trainer, Shop manager
▪️Industry: Food & Beverage industry 
▪️Area: Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, and other locations
▪️Qualifications: good communication skills, team worker, eager to provide a good service quality


▪️JLPT N2 level (if you have a level similar to N2 you can apply, even if you didn’t take the official exam)
▪️Experience in customer service, a part-time experience is enough
▪️Strong motivation to brush up your customer support skills in the Food & Beverage / Restaurant Management Fields

Conditions and compensation

▪️ Monthly Salary: From ~ 215,000 JPY
▪️ Type: Full-time employee

About the company and the job content

The company currently has more than 220 restaurants in all Japan and is still expanding every day. They need employees good in a team working environment, foreigners are more than welcome.
At the beginning you will start to work at one of the restaurants to learn the basics of shop management, then you will be the manager and trainer of the new staff (Japanese and foreigners).
In the near future, you will have the opportunity to become a Supervisor and Restaurant Manager!

How to apply?

First deadline: please send us your application by June 5th. 
For applying fill the form here:

We look forwards to receiving your applications !