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Finding South Asian Food in Tokyo

Living in a new country is exciting. The sights, the sounds, the smells, there’s so much to explore. However, one aspect that really worries many people that come from South…

Bento: History of the humble Japanese lunch box

The bento box is an integral part of Japanese food culture. Right from the home cooked bento to the ones sold at convenience stores, they are not only visually appealing but also tasty and nutritious.

Japanese Bento

Two Norwegians in Japan for the first time

In my last post, I wrote how spring is celebrated in Japan and Norway. I celebrated the arrival of spring in Tokyo last week, and this was a welcome change.…

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How to buy a Shinkansen ticket

A detailed explanation on purchasing a Shinkansen ticket. I will also give some helpful information on what to watch out for when purchasing and utilizing the Shinkansen.

How to Bring Your Pet to Japan

If you’re determined to achieve the dream of studying or living long-term in Japan but just can’t bear to part with your furry friend, this is the article for you!…

How to buy Japanese skin care products

In this article, I have given a step by step guide on using Japanese skin care products as well as the Japanese vocabularies to watch out for and some detailed…

Foreigner Friendly Apartments and Share Houses in Japan.

We provide a free matching service between you and the property manager. Our services are designed to help who want to live in Japan.

Public Holidays in Japan

There are currently sixteen national holidays in Japan. They were established by the Public Holiday Law in 1948.

How to Spend a Day in Naoshima

Naoshima Art Island has many fascinating art installations and pieces of architecture that draw inspiration from the local surroundings and merge them with works by international artists. Introduction