Are you considering living in Sumida?

The riverside Sumida neighborhood is dominated by the surrounded tall buildings that shadow the glorious ward. The complex also houses the upscale Tokyo Solamachi mall, as well as restaurants and an aquarium.

Old-world ways and modern amusements scrunch together in this northeastern Tokyo area—sumo traditions hold strong and mom-and-pop shops still persist as high-rise apartments begin to make their mark in Sumida District. Many wonder how it didn’t happen sooner—the area’s subtle art scene and ethereal gardens grant Sumida District an unwavering charm.

Sumida River

The Sumida River, passing green spaces like Sumida Park, is well-known for its cherry blossoms.

Higashi-Shirahige Park

Higashi-Shirahige Park, home to a baseball field and a shinto shrine. traditional bathhouses and wooden homes steam 

Tokyo Skytree

Higashi-Shirahige Park creaks beneath the shadow of Japan’s tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree.


Living in Sumida


Sumida is considered to be part of the Greater Tokyo, thus it includes many public transportation lines and network.

There are three lines to the Tokyo Toei; Asakusa, Shinjuku, and Oedo. Additionally, there is at least one line running from the Tokyo Metro, Keisei, JR East, and Tobu Railway. There are 12 stations, including the popular tourist destination, Tokyo Skytree station.

Edo Tokyo Musuem
Edo Tokyo Musuem

Points of Interest

  • Asakusa
    Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum
  • Hozomon
  • Kyu Yasuda Garden
  • Mukojima Hyakkaen
  • Ryogoku
  • Ryogoku Kokugikan
  • Senso-ji Temple
    Ryogoku Kokugikan
    Ryogoku Kokugikan
  • Sumida Aquarium
  • Sumida Hokusai Museum
  • Sumida Park
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Tokyo Solamachi
  • Tobu Museum
  • Yokoamicho Park