Tokyo has something to offer for every couple or anyone seeking a new experience, no matter what the season. From Tokyo Tower and its romantic atmosphere, to outdoor locations, like Mt. Takao, that will take you out of the bustle of the city, the places listed below in Japan’s capital are filled with unique things to do indoors and outdoors , making them ideal for any and every type of date.

1. Tokyo SkyTree – A Classic City Date

For a classic Tokyo date enjoyable during the day and evening, Tokyo SkyTree is the ideal spot. Tokyo SkyTree is not only a major travel destination in Tokyo, as its surrounding shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment facilities make it a location where you and your date can spend as much time as desired.

Before or after going up and gazing out at Tokyo from 634-meters, its surrounding areas, and even Mt. Fuji, if you’re lucky, enjoy lunch or a light meal at one of the many restaurants at the lower levels. You can also take a stroll around the area to get a preview of the local neighborhood beyond SkyTree, or cross the Sumida River over to Asakusa.

2. Tokyo Tower – Stunning Tokyo Views and Romance

Tokyo Tower is another iconic city landmark ideal for dates. Erected in 1958 and with an Eiffel Tower-looking structure, this spot has a more retro feeling to it than the sleek SkyTree, making it a great choice for couples seeking some romance and nostalgia.

Like SkyTree, going up this 333-meter structure is a wonderful chance to take in the city day or night. Restaurants are located on the lower levels, and the greenery-filled Shiba Park surrounds the tower. Be sure to take a quiet stroll after taking in the sights.

3. Tokyo Dome City – Return to Childhood

For those seeking excitement inside the city, Tokyo Dome City, a theme park right next to Tokyo Dome, is a fun choice for couples looking for amusement. Admission to the park is free and you can pay for rides and attractions as you decide which to try. There are several rides, including a high-powered roller coaster with steep curves and sudden drops. A large Ferris wheel towers over the theme park, providing nice views of the city and a chance for conversation.

Numerous restaurants and shopping malls are in the complex, too, making Tokyo Dome City the ideal place for a date with excitement and relaxation. In the evening, the area lights up, giving a romantic aura.

4. Odaiba – A Trove of Amusement and Romance by Tokyo Bay

For couples looking for a date with sea breezes and a fantastic view of Tokyo Bay, there is no better place than the shopping and entertainment paradise of Odaiba! Odaiba is famous in particular for its life-size Gundam statue, the teamLab Borderless exhibition, and numerous shopping malls, making for a day of fun that everyone can enjoy with a mixture of indoor and outdoor entertainment.

For those seeking an intellectually-stimulating afternoon, there is also Miraikan, or The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, which is filled with interactive and exciting exhibits diving into science and technology.

5. Roppongi Hills – Culture and Arts in Tokyo’s Funky Neighborhood

Roppongi is perhaps best known for its nightlife, but this area is filled with museums, restaurants, and cafes that are ideal for a date any time of the day. The Roppongi Hills area in particular is the ideal date spot for a day of artistic stimulation with your partner.

A must-visit is the Mori Art Museum, which regularly features exciting and accessible exhibits from international and Japanese artists. After sparking your imaginations at the museum, you can enjoy a coffee and conversation at one of the nearby cafes, or go shopping. This area is filled with things to do and see that will be sure to impress your partner, making it a good choice for a first date or budding romance.

6. Ginza – A Sophisticated Date in Tokyo’s most Luxurious Town

If you and your date are looking for a day with some luxury, a fun trip to Ginza might be the perfect way to spend your time together. With spacious sidewalks and department stores lining the main streets, you can enjoy window shopping (or real shopping) and exploring the alleys and less-crowded areas for charming cafes and local restaurants.

The Kabukiza Theatre, Japan’s prime theater for kabuki, is also located in Ginza. Tickets can be pricey, but you don’t have to buy tickets to enjoy the performing arts atmosphere, though. Certain parts of the theater facilities can be accessed for free without a ticket, like the second basement level, which contains shopping and eateries, and the fifth floor, which has access to a Japanese garden.

7. Ueno Park – Park Picnics and Museum Hopping

Ueno Park is another iconic spot in Tokyo that is ideal for dates. This spacious park is great for not just strolling and picnicking, but contains several museums on its grounds, a shrine, and a pond, making it a spot you can spend the entire day at. If you and your date are looking for a day of nature and culture, look no further than a visit to this lively park.

Ueno is also famous for its cherry blossoms in springtime. A hanami walk through the sakura-lined paths with an afternoon of museum hopping would make a fantastic spring date. Just outside of the park are many restaurants and cafes to relax at after your outdoor excursion.

8. Yoyogi Park – A Classic Tokyo Park Great for Dates

With 54.1 hectares (133 acres) of land, Yoyogi Park is the largest park in Tokyo, offering an oasis in the middle of the urban jungle. With its gardens, trees, and wide green spaces, this park attracts many visitors, but is spacious enough not to feel too crowded.

Be sure to bring a picnic sheet if you plan to relax and sprawl out on the grassy fields. You can also rent a bicycle and explore the park on wheels while working up a sweat with your date. Meiji Jingu Shrine and Harajuku are nearby, making excellent add-ons to a park date.

9. Kasai Rinkai Park – Catch the Sea Breeze at a Charming Park

Located towards Chiba Prefecture, Kasai Rinkai Park is perched on Tokyo’s seaside, far from the city center, but a great date spot nonetheless. With gorgeous coastal views, ocean breezes, and spacious park grounds, this park is great for a leisurely morning or afternoon to spend some quality time with your partner.

There are plenty of activities for two here–the park grounds contain a Ferris wheel, and there are tandem bicycles available for rent. Kasai Rinkai Park also has sprawling flower fields with season blooms, making it a gorgeous spot to visit year-round.

10. Mt. Takao – Natural Paradise for Two in Tokyo

For those looking for an active date in Tokyo–Mt. Takao, located around two hours from the center of the capital, is still technically part of Tokyo, and provides a range of hikes and nature-filled fun suitable for any couple. There are several hiking trails to choose from of varying difficulties, but for those who don’t walk to walk the entire way, riding the chair lift up the slope could be an ideal choice for two passengers.

This popular mountain is well-maintained for visitors, with clear paths, cafes and food stands with delicious mitarashi dango near the midway points and the 599-meter-high summit. Bring a picnic sheet or something to sit on to enjoy the views from the top–on a clear day, you will be able to see Mt. Fuji!

Tokyo offers a multitude of fun and unique date spots that can cater to nearly every and all couples’ needs. The ten spots suggested above are excellent for daytime visits with a new romantic interest, partner, or on a date with yourself. Some can also be enjoyed in the evening for a special night out. Wherever you choose to go, be safe and have a great time exploring Japan’s capital.