Are you looking for a totally unique experience even most Japanese cannot make? Then get ready for the annual Kawagoe Festival, because for the first time ever the city is welcoming foreigners to take part in its 360 year old Festival!

Kawagoe Matsuri is held every year for two days on the third Saturday and Sunday of October. Around one million visitors flock to Kawagoe to witness the strong men and women of Kawagoe City pulling the spectacular festival floats that carry beautifully crafted dolls.
The floats are carried through Kawagoe’s famous Kurazukuri zone and plenty of food stalls are there to satisfy foodies’ needs.
Participating in one of the most important festivals in the Kanto area is a unique experience, as not even Japanese people who don’t live in Kawagoe are allowed to take part!
This year however, the city decided to open its doors for international visitors and you can get the chance to get a glimpse into the traditional and local life of the citizens of Kawagoe. You get to pull the float together with other people and afterwards have a blast at the after-party that is organized for all the participants!

Event Details

Event: Kawagoe Matsuri
Date: October 14th (Sat.)
Place: Kawagoe City, Saitama (about 30 min by train from Ikebukuro)
Participation Time: 13:00 – 18:00
Participation Fee: 5,000 Yen (children up to 16 years: 3,000 Yen)
Free spots: 10
Discount: If you participate with a friend the participation fee of 10,000 Yen will be reduced to 9,000 Yen (for two people)
Who can participate: foreign visitors and residents. Families are welcome to participate as well.

Event Schedule
  • Short guidance and information about the history of the festival and the specific day
  • Changing into festival clothes (jacket is rental, head towel called Tenugui can be taken home)
  • Main event: getting together with the locals and carrying the floats through town
  • After-party with town folks (one drink included)

Note: the festival will continue until ~ 9 pm and you are free to join the festivities after 6pm

Festival Features
  • Take part for the first-time ever in an important cultural heritage
  • Mingle with the locals
  • Experience the vibrant and passionate festival atmosphere from within


Included in the Price
  • English guidance
  • Rental festival clothes
  • Festival Tenugui can be taken home
  • Main event
  • Participation in After-Party (one drink included)


Not included
  • Transportation costs to and from Kawagoe
  • Food & drinks at the festival site


How to Apply

Please send an Email to [email protected] until October 3rd and we will tell you how to proceed from there.

More Information on the Festival