What are the “My Number Card” and the My Number System?

Introduced in 2015, the My Number System was designed to enhance efficiency and digitize administrative processes for residents, leading to a reduction in paperwork and improved data sharing among governmental agencies.

My Number System assigns a distinct 12-digit code “kojin bango”, to all individuals in Japan who hold a resident record.

This 12-digit code, along with an associated ID card, is utilized by residents, local governments, and central authorities for a range of tasks related to social security and tax procedures.

How to get My Numer Card as a foreigner in Japan?

Foreigners who intend to stay in Japan for more than 3 months are eligible to acquire a My Number Card. (Except if they fall into the following categories:  temporary visits, diplomatic personnel, and officials.)

Upon their initial registration at the local ward office, foreign residents are provided with a unique 12-digit identifier (My Number) that remains constant throughout their lifetime.

This 12-digit identifier This 12-digit number (Individual Number Notice) will be sent via registered mail to their domicile a few weeks after applying for a residence certificate. Included with the notification is a QR code, which serves as a direct link to the online application process. Alternatively, you can download a printable form from the official website or visit your local municipal office in person to apply.

During the application process, you’ll require a photo of yourself that adheres to the stipulated guidelines. This can easily be captured with your phone against a plain white backdrop, and then submitted as part of the application.

After submitting your application and once your card is ready for issuance, you’ll receive a postcard notification indicating that your card is available for collection at your local municipal office.

Upon visiting the office, you will establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your My Number card, along with any additional passwords or services you wish to link to it.

If your name or address changes, it will be necessary to revisit your municipal office to update the information on your card. The card has a validity period of 10 years or until the expiration of your visa, whichever comes first.

What are the benefits of having a My Number card?

The  My Number Card simplifies various administrative processes for Japan’s residents. Cardholders can utilize it for the following purposes:

-Apply online for various official procedures through the MyNa Portal and MyNa app.
-Access personal social security accounts via the MyNa Portal.
-Acquire copies of their resident certificate or seal registration certificate at convenience stores.
-Verify tax and social security details and File taxes online.
-Utilize it as an official form of identification.

More English Resources for My Number Card

-My Number Card website offers comprehensive information about the My Number Card application process. The site is also available in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.

My Number Card FAQ

MyNa Portal, the platform that allows you to utilize your My Number Card for accessing a range of government services.