Arriving at the Makuhari train Station in the morning and finding yourself walking the exact way to the entrance of the Tokyo game show amongst the flow within the sea of people. Nerds and journalists from all around the world line up to receive their entry passes inside this massive stadium, waiting to enter the doors of static yelling from game promoters and blearing J-pop songs that you can even hear from outside.

Entering the gigantic space filled by multicolored fluorescent lights coming from every which way full of all types of people eager to find their beloved game, I was finding it very hard to not be distracted even though I had nothing to focus on while being there. With a big variety of different nationalities eager to have a chance playing the newest version of their desired game.


Wondering through the crowds and being handed all types of gifts and information look books from dressed up woman who are everywhere throughout the facility, along with a couple fluffy mascots. The Game show distinctively used dressed up attractive woman to represent the gaming products for the people attending; from beautifully dressed elf girls waiting for their picture to be taken to rows of girls up on stages holding the “The brand new product”.

The whole structure of promoting the games to the audiences made me feel very fascinated, so in most of the photographs I captured these dressed up woman as they attract the attention of the of the flowing crowds of people.


The whole event keeps you very active and entertained. Even by waiting in the cue lines for your game you can watch and learn from the TV projector of what happens and how the game works. I was completely new to all of these games witch made me feel a bit lost throughout the whole experience of going all through the huge event area and trying to find something I kind of new how to play. Out of the mass amount of games I actually walked into the Dual Links game, which is a online Yo-Gi-Oh card game which I downloaded for fun onto my Ipone about two weeks ago. I was actually really happy to play this with a wond stick to cast my cards onto a huge body length screen.


“Virtual Reality head set gaming” I couldn’t get enough of these exciting technological gaming products, having to yell at my controller to reload my ammunition when shooting astroids coming at me in space just as I hover above the Earth. I was really enjoying the thought that people could now start actually using workout machines in their own homes to fight off grotesque alien masters in different galaxies. But I still think there is a lot of work to be done in the future of these VR gaming products to come.


Exhausted after 6 hours of walking throughout the crowds of wondering people, I easily could make my way upstairs to the length long food court area which had plenty to offer and heaps of seating ares to relax.


By the end of my day I had a massive bag with all sorts of gifts and look books inside from all the different types of fairy’s, cyborgs, elf’s and anime girls around. The whole event was amazing and even though I have never been a true gamer id still go next year to visit.