Do you know the feeling? You moved all the way to Japan and people back home keep asking you why? You tell them you live in Adachi-ku and they ask why not Shinjuku or Shibuya? Or “worse”, you moved to Urawa in Saitama and you always have to defend yourself for moving there and not directly to Tokyo. Kyushu? Never heard of it… Hokkaido? That’s where the pumpkins come from, right? I am sure many of you heard those sentences plenty of times.
Although Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc. are great places there are many more places in Japan worth visiting and, of course, living in.

And that is exactly where you come into play. We would like to know where you live and what you love about your town. We want to show a greater diversity of Japan and present different parts on our website and our blog. We don’t need historical facts. We can get that from Wikipedia. But we would like to know your point of view; why did you move there? What are the advantages of living there? What activities are worth taking part in?

In May 2017, we started our blog project Local Japan to feature a more personal view of Japan. After three successful rounds, we decided to continue the project and that’s where you come into play.

Tell us about your new home here in Japan

Who are we looking for?

People, who are passionate about their new home in Japan and would like to write an article about it. We are not looking for experienced, professional writers! Anyone with a good command of English is welcome. Anyone who wants to write about his/her town and share his/her experiences. Right now, we are mostly looking for a “one-time thing” but depending on the person, there might be a possibility for more articles in the future.

Where should you live?

Everywhere in Japan. Tokyo, Hokkaido, Shikoku, or Okinawa – doesn’t matter.


Write us an Email and tell us a little bit about yourself: where you are from, where you live in Japan, why you moved there and how you like it so far. Please do not send us your article straight away! We just want to get to know you in your first mail.


We will pay you 2,000 Yen for the article when gets published on the website (length 800-1000 words with photos). If we continue working together, you will, of course, get paid accordingly.

You will then get featured on our website (if you want to with your name, photo, social media accounts, and homepage)

How? Send an E-Mail to [email protected]

You would like to submit any other idea related to life in Japan?

Feel free to email us! We are happy to support individuals ideas.

Important: Please do not send us your article straight away!

A reminder to let you know that if you are looking for accommodation in Japan, our portal has plenty of apartments and rooms in share houses available all over Japan. Send us an inquiry if you like one of them.