The Shonan coast is possibly one of the most popular tourist destinations just outside of Tokyo. Kanagawa offers a large stretch of beaches, each one idiosyncratic to each other. Tsujido is just in between Chigasaki and Kamakura, and has an edgy yet free spirited personality of its own. You can look forward to many activities whether you’re into surfing, skating or just want to go shopping – have no fear Tsujido’s got you covered!

How to get to Tsujido 

From Tokyo you can hop on the Shonan-Shinjuku Line JR (JS) line from Shinjuku Station which takes around an hour and 15 minutes. This is the most convenient mode of transport costing around ¥990.

Catch a Wave in Tsujido

It’s much harder than it looks! Surfing is definitely a huge part of the culture in this neck of the woods, so it’s only right to try it out. Tsujido is a safe haven for many local surfers, not forgetting to mention surfers of all levels. You’ll find professional surfers, schools of families surfing together at the weekends like it’s second nature, older locals surfing with their friends and also people like myself who have little to no experience. So why not attempt to catch a wave in Tsujido? The friendliest beach on the Kanagawa coast. You may even catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji on a clear day!

The Area 51

Don’t worry about the irksome task of finding surfing equipment, head down to ‘The Area 51’ surf shop. This surf shop will be considerably unique to any surf shops you’ve ever visited before. It emits authenticity catering for locals however you can of course act as a local for a day. Not only is the shop super friendly they offer rental boards, wetsuits, repairs and even surfing lessons! So if in fact you’re completely new to the activity and are contemplating giving it a go, you can try private beginners lessons at just ¥6,000, which last up to 2 hours. If you get a taste for surfing you can try again. Afterwards, you can even grab a beer with the shop owner! After surfing that is, please don’t drink and surf. Surfing may not be everyone’s cup of tea however Tsujido beach is extremely clean, inclusive and accommodates for everyone, you’ll feel right at home.


It also may not come as a surprise, Tsujido also has a large skating community which I believe fits into Tsujido’s relaxed subculture free from conformity. You will often see professional skaters meandering around the town showing off their latest tricks!

Rain or Shine Check out Kaihin Prefectural Park

We have all experienced how scorching Japanese summers are during the peak summer months, leaving us gasping for air in the sea of humidity. There’s no better way to spend one of these blistering summer days then to hang out and cool down at Kaihin Prefectural Park. Why not bring a picnic too?

Don’t be fooled, the park isn’t just for children. Not only does it offer waterslides and a huge jumbo pool, adults can relax in the luscious greenery and well maintained gardens removed from the concrete city. You’re also in for a treat in the winter too as the park has a humongous grass area with a park playing field you can also visit the Open Air Transportation Park which is great fun, again for all ages.

Terrace Mall

Fancy an escape from being outside, check out Terrace Mall. The super modern and convenient shopping complex is located directly next to Tsujido Station. It has something for everyone. If it’s fashion you’re looking for from H&M to Coach you can discover the latest trends. The mall has worldwide stores and also some local stores too.

Feeling peckish?

The food court also offers a wide variety of very interesting foods to tickle your tastebuds. Italian is on the menu so why not try a pizza, you can grab soba or even have Roast Beef. Terrace Mall is also home to a 109Cinema to which you can catch the latest releases on a rainy afternoon.

If you also want to venture for food outside of the mall, Tsujido’s main high street has endless possibilities. A few of my favourites are:

Tai Restaurant & Oisuta Bar Thong Fah Tsujidoh

This is a Thai izakaya and oyster bar serving the most delicious Oysters mixed with Thai cuisine is very extraordinary.

Aloha Table

Have you ever tried Loco Moco? In the middle of Tsujido Hawaiin food cannot go a miss. This spot is quite a treat.


And of course, if you’re close to the beach you need to try raw direct close to the source.

In Tsujido you have the choice to do as you please. Not forgetting to mention that it’s is a very convenient base. If you do want to delve into the other parts of the coast, you’re just a cycle away!Tsujido can be your home for a weekend or just for a just a day, make sure to take a trip to the secret surf town. Summer or winter I’m sure you’ll discover lots of attractions for yourself.