Upon exiting Tokyo Skytree Station in the midst of a torrential downpour, I soon realized the clouds would block the Skytree’s exceptional views of the city. Soggy, wet and tired I disappointedly circled around the Tokyo Solamachi shopping center desperate for any form of entertainment. Fortunately, I stumbled into the Sumida Aquarium and discovered the perfect way to spend a rainy day in Sumida, Tokyo.

If unfortunately, you are in Tokyo on a rainy day, why don’t you try the Sumida Aquarium!

Located on the 4th floor of the Tokyo Solamachi, the Sumida Aquarium offers visitors an excellent option to spend time before touring the Tokyo Skytree at night. The aquarium is located on the outer terrace, which as a result offers tourists exceptional views of Sumida, Tokyo. More so, this is the perfect spot to escape the chaotic flood of tourists wandering throughout each floor of the Tokyo Solamachi.

Figure 1: the Penguin Exhibit during the feeding hour. This is the largest and most popular attraction at the Sumida Aquarium


  • At 2,050 JPY for adults, the aquarium is much cheaper than most options in other countries
  • The exhibits felt more guided towards children rather than adult tourists
  • The penguin exhibit is usually very crowded, so I advise viewing it from the lookout space on the second floor of the aquarium
  • Since the aquarium is small, it is perfect for spending an hour or so without an overwhelming amount of exhibits


I would recommend visiting the aquarium if you are traveling with young children or are aiming to kill time before touring the Tokyo Skytree. More so, I would also recommend visiting the aquarium if an unexpected rainstorm has hindered your travel plans in Sumida, Tokyo. Although I would not place this tourist attraction on any bucket list or as a must-see for people traveling to Tokyo, I did find the exhibits to be engaging and enjoyable. My two favorite attractions were the Penguin Exhibit and the Sealion Tank due to the excitement created within this area of the aquarium.

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