8:25- 10:06 – Tokyo Station to Atami Station (thru JR Takasaki Line; 1 hour and 41 mins; fare: 1,980 YEN)

10:13 – From Atami Station to *Kiunkaku Former Ryokan (walk 4 mins to Haruicho Bus Stop and get off at Kiunkakumae Bus Stop; 14 mins, walk 4 mins to Kiunkaku, one way fare: 280 YEN)

About: This was built by a shipping magnate in the early 1900s as his personal property, which included many rooms with a mixture of Japanese, Western, and East Asian architectural styles.

11:07 – Kiunkaku Former Ryokan to *Acao Herb Garden/ Forest (1 min from Tenjinmachi bus stop to Akao Herb Garden Bus Stop; one-way fare: 230 YEN)

About: It is a beautiful Cliffside garden with a wonderful view, a café, shrine, and is great for photography enthusiasts.

12:22 – Acao Herb Garden/Forest to *Atami Castle (Akao Forest Stop to Nishikahaura Stop, 17 mins: one way fare: 200 YEN)

Atami Castle walk to Ropeway Entrance

About: A castle with breathtaking views from the viewing area and sells a lot of traditional memorabilia for tourists. Castles built in the Momoyama period inspired it.

*Ropeway view to Atami Port

(It takes about 3-5 mins in the gondola, round trip fare: 400 one-way)

About: The ropeway can be accessed through the famous “Penis Museum” and while on the gondola, the view of the entire Atami docks can be observed, and while it is a short distance only, it is definitely worth it!

2:00 *Atami Port Liner and go on a cruise to Hatsushima Island

(It is an island that we can get to within 30 minutes in one of two ships, round trip fare: 2,800) Arrive in *Hatsushima Island at 2:30.

About: The small island of Hatsushima has a lighthouse, some shrines, and an obstacle course for kids and adults. There are numerous family-owned restaurants as well and have many picturesque spots to visit.

*There is a restaurant called Hatsushima Picnic Garden on the Island that has good reviews.

4:40 – Leave Island and 5:10- Back at Atami Port

Walk to: Atami Water Park

About: It is a big spacious park with a wonderful view of the harbor. There are extensive walking areas by the coast of Atami that you can enjoy without having to spend a dime and is definitely a stunning sight to see! Don’t miss this when you go there and make sure to come and visit in summer

5:47 From Atami Water Park to Atami Station (Ginza Bus Stop to Nakamise Stop; 11 mins one way fare: 230 YEN)

6:11-8:05 Atami Station to Tokyo Station (1 hour and 54 mins one way fare: 1,980 YEN; Jr Tokaido line for Utsunomiya transfer at Kozu Station for JR Tokkaido Line for Kagohara)

Atami Station to *Kinomiya Shrine (optional)

(Get off at Kinomiya station; 7 mins, one way fare: 147 YEN)

Kinomiya Station and back to Atami Station;

About: Residents of Atami have worshiped Kinomiya for thousands of years. The shrine boasts a 2,000-year-old tree within the famous site. It is very accessible to the public and has been visited by thousands of tourists throughout the years.

Approximate expenses:8,100 yen (food and drinks not included)

So what are you waiting for? Make plans with friends or family and add this place to your list of places to visit. If you want to go swimming and do water sports activities, it is best to come in summer and make the best of your trip to this amazing spot called Atami.