A Little Adventure Never Hurt Anyone

As someone who loves super cute things, I have naturally wanted to go to Adventure World where the cutest animals are. It’s almost a right of passage since I live/lived in Wakayama for the last four years. I’m surprised it took me till the fourth year to actually get to Adventure World. You can imagine my excitement when my Osaka students invited me to go to A.W. with them after I bragged about how amazing Tanabe and Wakayama are for the last 7 months.

Price Points

I’ll put the prices of the tickets below. The prices were fairly reasonable for the ticket, though you should be warned that you will have to pay extra for the roller coaster rides and the other experiences that they have there as it is not included in the admission ticket.

Show Me a Good Time

We woke up bright and early to get to Adventure World as soon as it opened. These students consist of a grandmother and her two grandchildren (though we also went with her son and her husband!). Akiko-san (grandmother) and her son planned out everything for us, and they decided that going in early for the Marine Live show to get good seats for the dolphin show was a must. So we went in and waited about 45 to 50 minutes for the dolphin show to begin.

Have I ever mentioned that I love mermaids and hope to do a mermaid experience Photoshoot one day? Potential Okinawa blog in the future? Haha.

It was such a magical experience to watch the dolphin show and see how passionately the trainers interacted with the dolphins. The performance was wonderful and everyone in the audience felt ワクワク!

After, we quickly went to the next show, Animal Action.

They showcased a variety of different land animals and sea animals such as a dog, parrot, hawk, seal, and other beautiful animals. Both shows were amazing, but I was definitely a huge fan of the Marine Live show because it was like watching the performers live out my mermaid dreams.

A Zoo-tastic Time

If you know anything about Adventure World, you know that it’s basically all zoo with a couple of rides here and there. That being said, my students (the teenagers) and I were so excited to go and play with the animals.

There were so many opportunities to see all kinds of animals from around the world. Of course, some of those animals being pandas that they had in different locations throughout the theme park.

We were also able to go on a safari ride, the Kenya Train, where everyone gathered onto a bus and went around exotic animals from Africa, America, Europe, and other places! It was so exciting to see the tigers and the giraffes!

Hungrier than a Horse

There were hundreds of animal-themed foods at this park, especially panda-themed! My student and I wanted to get some great Instagram pictures, so we made sure to get the panda nikuman together.

I was also hungry as soon as we arrived so I got some karaage and fries as soon as the food stall opened.

Oh! And ice cream! (:

Throw Your Hands Up!

There are two different roller coasters that are around Adventure World. One is really small and almost like an indoor roller coaster, the other is huge. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of standing in line for the smaller roller coaster, which actually may have been a blessing in disguise for one of my other students because he is terrified of roller coasters but wanted to have fun with me and his sister. As I previously said, you will need to pay extra for the roller coaster rides, so we paid an additional charge for that roller coaster.

The theme park is extremely kid-friendly, so there are many opportunities for kids to ride on the smaller attractions, pet the animals, go to different play areas, and run around to their heart’s content.

Pandatastic Time

One of the reasons my students really wanted to go to A.W. was to go see the pandas. There are LOTS of pandas with the newest addition being Fuhin, born in 2020. My students had been to Adventure World before, but they hadn’t seen Fuhin yet, so it was exciting for all of us to see them together. Aren’t they so cute?

Our Day Schedule

I really recommend following the schedule that we did because we utilized most of our time and saw almost all of the theme park in the time that we went, from 10 AM until around 3:30 PM.

>Marine Live

>Animal Action


>Roller Coaster

>Kenya Train

>Go see all the pandas!

>Gift shopping

>Walk around and look at the other animals (like the dogs and horses)

***Check the schedules to make sure you are on time for all of the fun activities you want to do

An Animal Lovers Paradise

I have no doubt that you’ll have a lovely time at Adventure World. I felt like a kid in a candy store as my excitement and energy were very high compared to my students even though they were the ‘kids’ haha. If you’re an animal lover or enjoy new experiences, Adventure World has your name on it! Get your ticket today!