Gyotaku – not Otaku. You haven’t heard of it before? Gyotaku is the traditional method of printing fish in Japan. The fish is caught, ink is applied on the (dead?) fish, then paper is pressed on the fish and voila – fish print on paper. Remember Gyotaku because next time you go to an international party you might just meet someone from abroad who came exactly for this reason to Japan – to study the old art of fish printing.
Foreigners come for many different reasons to Japan. Lots of people come to study Japanese. Certainly fewer people come to study Gyotaku. Other are interested in Green Tea, Sake, Martial Arts, Bonsai or Buddhism.
We would like to know your story of why you came to Japan.

In August 2017, we started our second blog project My Own Japan to present Japan from a different angle. We want to give people a chance to talk about their passion, their hobby, their work related to Japan. It doesn’t matter whether you moved to Japan five years ago to pursue Aikido or whether you “only” came for a month to stay in a Buddhist monastery.

After a first successful round, we decided to continue the project and that’s where you come into play.

We want to know more about your passion, how you ended up in Japan and how you pursue your passion here in Japan.
Tell us about your passion and become part of our new blog project.

Who are we looking for?

People, who came to Japan for a certain hobby/passion they are trying to further pursue in Japan (eg martial arts, Sake, art, Ikebana, etc) and would like to write an article about it. (We are not only looking for experienced, professional writers! Anyone with a good command of English is welcome.)


Write us an Email and tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion: where you are from, where you live in Japan, what your passion is and how you follow it. Please do not send us your article straight away! We just want to get to know you in your first mail. 


We will pay you 2,000 Yen for the article (length around 1.500 words with own photos). You will then get featured on our website (if you want to with your name, photo and information)

How to?

Send an E-Mail to [email protected] and we will tell you how to proceed from there.