The Dates and Venue

The Eras Tour concert in Tokyo was a huge deal! It happened over four nights from February 7th to 10th, starting at 6 pm and ending at 9 pm each night. Held at the massive Tokyo Dome, which fits a whopping 55,000 fans, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. All four nights sold out fast, showing how much everyone was looking forward to the shows. With Tokyo’s awesome skyline in the background, the concert was a sight to see. The stage effects were cool, and the music was amazing, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone who got to go!

Costs of Tickets and Seating

There were different ticket options to fit everyone’s budget. Regular tickets cost between 8,800 and 30,000 yen, giving access to the main seating areas. For a fancier experience, there were VIP tickets ranging from 52,800 to 122,800 yen, offering special perks. Box seats were also available for 40,000 to 50,000 yen, giving a more private view. The dome where the concert was held was fully covered, so people didn’t need to worry about the weather. Inside, it was warm enough that attendees could even take off their jackets. Plus, the Tokyo Dome was close to Suidabashi station, just a short 5-minute walk away, making it easy for people to get there.

Rules in the Stadium

Before entering, attendees underwent a few security measures. Bag checks were conducted, with a reminder that oversized bags weren’t allowed inside; however, there were coin lockers nearby for storage. Additionally, a body check was carried out to ensure no illegal or metal objects were brought in. Access to the venue was via a QR code accessible only through the AnyPass app. Upon entry, attendees received wristbands for infrared lighting during the performances. Outside food and water weren’t permitted, but purchases could be made inside using credit cards or E-money; cash wasn’t accepted at food stands. Once inside, attendees located their seats by floor and row number. It’s worth noting that the seats were a bit tight and narrow, which might have been a bit uncomfortable for non-Asian attendees.

Things To Do Around the Area

Before the concert, some nearby restaurants like TGIFriday needed reservations. Food stalls and a place to sit were there for those waiting for the stadium to open. It was cold, so jackets were a must. By 3 pm, lots of Swifties had gathered, taking pictures, dressing up fancy despite the cold, swapping bracelets, and chatting with each other. An hour before the doors opened, everyone had to line up at their assigned gates.

Outfits/ Bracelets

The concert-goers sported extravagant, bejeweled outfits that represented various eras of Taylor’s albums. Many arrived adorned with handmade friendship bracelets, symbolizing their love and excitement for the concert. Surprisingly, there were more attendees from other countries than expected, with fewer Japanese concert-goers present, as many had traveled specifically to attend the four-day event. In a Taylor Swift concert, there’s no such thing as being too over-the-top. Some men even wore jerseys bearing the numbers 13 and 87, representing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s lucky numbers.


Hours before the concert, the merchandise section outside the dome was bustling with activity, with a long line of eager fans waiting to purchase Eras Tour Merchandise. The items available included hoodies, sweatshirts, water bottles, bracelets, and posters, ranging in price from 5,000 to 10,000 yen. Additionally, Taylor’s previous album vinyl and CDs were also on sale, adding to the excitement of the pre-concert atmosphere. Stadium staff were walking around with kegs of beer for concertgoers to purchase.

What It Was Like

The Eras Tour concert was super exciting, with people cheering and singing along. Taylor Swift started with “The Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” and other popular songs like “All Too Well,” “Enchanted,” and “Cruel Summer” that got everyone dancing. One of the highlights was the stunning transition from “Don’t Blame Me” to “Look What You Made Me Do.” During the performance of “Lover,” hearts from the wristbands lit up, adding to the magic of the show. The concert ended with a mesmerizing performance of “Karma.” The whole crew, including the dancers, band, and musical director, as well as Taylor herself, were amazing. Taylor Swift was dazzling that night and looked beautiful. She even sang two unique songs, “Eyes Open” and “Electric Touch,” specifically for the night we attended on February 8. It’s incredible how she performs unique songs at every concert. Overall, it was a blast, and everyone was safely escorted out through the gate, despite the windy weather!

To sum it up, going to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert was an absolute blast! The energy, the music, the whole vibe—it was all just amazing. From the awesome performances to the jaw-dropping stage effects, Taylor really knows how to put on a show. As we left the venue, still buzzing from the experience, it was clear: Taylor Swift is a true superstar and seeing her live was something we’ll never forget!