A common trend circulating around young women in Japan is getting their fortune told by a fortune teller. Who isn’t a little curious about where they are headed in the future? I know I am!

Setting Up a Date with Destiny

A bit of background information about me is that I am into anything witchy, astrology-related, or anything having to do with manifestation, so I felt that this would be a very unique experience for me to have in Japan. I had zero expectations and considered it a learning experience before going in. Even if you don’t believe in this type of thing, it’s a fun experience to have at least once in your life. That being said, I finally went through with searching for an English-speaking fortune teller in Osaka. Come on this wonderful experience with me at Luna Fortune.

Booking an appointment was relatively easy. You can book online or through a phone call. Depending on how comfortable you are speaking Japanese, I would say that booking by phone would be easier. I ended up trying both methods. A simple Google search of this facility will tell you that there are English speakers that work there. However, on their webpage, they don’t specify who speaks English unfortunately. The woman who picked up the phone didn’t understand that I was asking for an English speaker and said she could not speak English. Thus, I accidentally booked for someone who did not speak English. There are two floors with fortune tellers (I think that I spoke with someone on the 7th floor). In the end, when I went for the original appointment and found out the fortune teller did not speak English, it was very easy to cancel and book with an English speaker for the very next hour.

Seeing into the Future, Reflecting on the Past

Upon entering the facility, I walked up to the receptionist (on the 7th floor). I believe I’m one of few foreigners that have been there, so she immediately knew who I was as soon as she saw me and started to assist me. You are supposed to pay before your session, so I paid 3700 yen for a 30-minute session through Paypay. They accept a variety of different payment forms though. I was a bit early, so I was able to sit in the open area where I patiently waited. When it was my turn, the receptionist called the fortuneteller behind the curtain to let him know that I was ready before she said it was OK for me to go in.

I am happy to say I got one of the best fortunetellers at this facility, possibly in all of Osaka at that. Kamo Kaishuu (AKA: Teru) was the fortune teller that I was lucky enough to work with. My fortune-telling was done in a more Japanese style; however, Teru is also knowledgeable about Western fortune-telling and astrology! I am unsure if he is the only English speaker at Luna Fortune, though I believe he is the best English speaker there.

One thing that I was hoping for was a personable experience with my fortuneteller despite not having expectations. I have had my fortune read back when I lived in America and it was terrible, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. Right from the start, I got the vibe that Teru enjoyed his work and truly didn’t view it as work at all but rather as part of his happiness to help people understand themselves more. He was very kind and immediately welcomed me into his room. Teru started off by saying that his English wasn’t so good, but over the course of my session, I found that not to be the case. His English was amazing as he has experience working in America.

We first started the session with mild chatter and warm greetings as one does when a guest enters their home. When I sat down, I was asked to write down my birthday, the time I was born, and to also give him the location of where I was born. He needed to do the conversion so that he could understand the information in terms of being born in Japan and where I was in terms of the longitudinal and longitudinal lines. <It’ll be beneficial to have this information ready to go when you arrive so that you can get as accurate a reading as possible.> It may be a bit trickier for those who were born in the West due to the varying time differences.

From there, he proceeded to use a specific book to properly write down varying kanji and information based on my time and location of birth.

It was so cool to listen to him talk about how the five elements were related to the zodiac signs and what that meant in terms of how to read the kanji based off of the book. Teru was amazing in explaining and breaking down everything for me. If I had any questions about what something meant or if something was correct, he would answer everything with a smile on his face. Additionally, it was very clear that he wanted me to feel comfortable. He made sure to ask me if I felt something was inaccurate and to let him know. Teru was a bit concerned about if he had the correct time for my birthday when doing the time difference for what it would be in Japan, but I would say he just about nailed it perfectly with everything he described.

Teru first started by giving the first impressions that people received from me based on the kanji in the book (you can see that with the green bigger circled kanji in the picture above), as well as how people viewed me after speaking with me (the orange). The rest was about what the kanji meant for my personality as a whole. Additionally, Teru explained that seven was a very special number and time of importance for me based on the style of fortunetelling that he was doing. He also accurately spoke about my past! For example, I did not give any information more than my birthday when speaking with him, though he stated that something happened in my childhood as a baby around 7 months or so, which was true! I was born prematurely at seven months. As a whole, his reading of my past and present were extremely accurate. Very scarily accurate at that!

I was also given information about where my future was headed, what I can do to positively and negatively impact that future, and a very interesting outline of what my life would be like for the next 30+ years. It’s so remarkable that he explained all of this to me in English in such a short amount of time!

Of course, I was asked what I wanted to know or why I wanted to get my fortune told, so I expressed that I wanted to hear about my love life. A lot of what was written will only seem like gibberish to those who don’t understand kanji perfectly (even those that DO won’t understand), but he explained every single character to me and the importance of them. As you can see, some of the most important things were written in English, such as “Please be tender and nice to your boyfriend/husband”. That gave me a very big chuckle.

A Sweet Ending and Ending Impressions

As a whole, I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone. I would specifically recommend that they get their reading from Teru. It really felt like we were just old friends talking about life despite it being our first meeting. I felt so light and happy even when being told negative things about myself that were certainly true. I appreciated the negative feedback because if it was all positive I would have been very skeptical. Amazingly, he could accurately state things about my past based off of his style of fortunetelling. It was a very personal and enjoyable experience overall.

Another thing that I greatly appreciated about Teru was that anytime he felt he might’ve made a mistake, he would stop himself, rewind, and explain where he thought he made the mistake before correcting it by saying what he believes is correct. I appreciated how he focused on providing me with as much accuracy and correct information as possible rather than just continuing on while thinking that I wouldn’t understand or notice if he made a mistake.

Not only was this a very wonderful experience, but I feel like I learned a lot about myself regardless of if I believe in fortunetelling or not. Everyone should go to see Teru if they are in Osaka and are dying to get their fortune told. Who knows, maybe your future is bright? Go to Luna Fortune to find out!