Taito is one of the central district of Tokyo, next to Sumida and Bunkyo, and one of the most popular due to all the things to do in the area. You probably heard about Asakusa, the oldest temple of Tokyo or Ueno and its zoo ! Very lively but also still authentic, Many foreigners like to discover the life of locals there. It is also next to the Sumida river.

Let’s discover this special ward !







      Living in Taito



Taito is he perfect place to live as tourist due to the famous place on the ward. Many people speak english or have english menu to welcome the foreigners. This ward is also very appreciated by the locals and it makes the life very pleasant. There are many place to go out in the night and many trains to reach universities and other central ward !

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      Main points of interest




It is one of the most famous place in Tokyo.This sanctuary is composed with the Sensō-ji temple which is the oldest temple of Tokyo and was the built for the goddess Kannon. You can cross a long alley with many shops and souvenirs to arrive there and admire this amazing place ! Many people are wearing traditional kimonos, you can also rent one.




Ueno Park

The Ueno park is the biggest park of Tokyo. You can admire the cherry blossom in spring, visit the zoo with the panda, discover museum about Japan history and culture and so much more. The park is free and appreciate by everyone for its diversity of activities.







This long street is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, unique dishes and specially furnitures for your home. You can eat delicious okonomiyaki on the different restaurants on the road. It got its name from the mascot the “Kappa”.






Just next the Ueno park, you can enjoy a very lively street with markets which is the main part of the street, good restaurants, izakayas and even arcades ! Very appreciated by locals and foreigners, it is probably the best place to go out at night !





Eat some wagashi

These traditional sweets can be found anywhere in Taito, try the Melon pan, Kakigori a shaved ice or even taiyaki a pastry which looks like fishes and are full of anko, a Japanese bean dough ! You can also discover all the old cafe of Taito.






Asakusa Hanayashiki

This amusement park just next Asakusa is the oldest of Japan and kept it authenticity. You can find rollercoasters for all the family and eat at the different restaurants in a vintage atmosphere. Also the park is cheaper than the other park in Tokyo !

Hours : 10:00-18:00   fees: 2500¥




Star Plaza

Like in Hollywood walk of fame, this place, in front the town hall, was made to celebrate famous artist of Japan. You can see the handprints and signature of your favorites artists ! It is free and open 24/24.