Located along the bay in font of Odaiba, Shinagawa is a big ward of Tokyo. Between Minato and Meguro, the district is well deserved and have a lot of museums and activities for all the family. Literally, Shinagawa mean ( Good river), this place is perfect to talk walks and relax inside Tokyo. Let’s discover Shinagawa !






      Living in Shinagawa



Shinagawa is closed to many universities and have great access to central Tokyo. It’s perfect for family who wants a quiet neighborhood, but also students because the ward is not very expensive. Closed to the bay of Tokyo, Shinagawa have many advantages for living. Also many supermarket and hospitals are on this area.

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      Main points of interest



Shiokaze Park

This park is the most quiet place in Shinagawa, you can see all the bay and even the Rainbow bridge. The park have a tropical area and even a barbecue place that you can enjoy ! You can also see all the city at night with the observatory and even Mount Fuji.




Hōnsenji Temple

Hōnsenji Temple is a very old ( more than 600 years) buddhist temple with a lot of story to tell. It’s still used for ceremony but you can visit and discover the oldest temple of Shinagawa and its famous bronze statues places during Edo’s period.




Tennozu Isle

Located on the bay of Tokyo in front of Odaiba, Tennozu Isle is the place to discover modern architecture, cafe, restaurants or even shops. Many artists go there to find inspiration with all the streets arts on the wall of the buildings.




Former Tokaido Street

This streets kept the Edo’s style and is very good for people who wants to sleep on traditional hotels. The river near the street join the Meguro river so it’s also perfect during the Hanami. There is also a lot of Izakaya and traditional Japanese restaurants to enjoy the night !






Sporu is a complex sports where you can train like an athlete at archery, tennis or even surf ! The complex was one of the first to invented an artificial waves to train outside the sea. The place have also many attraction for kids and adults ! You can go and try a different sports !

Hours: 07:00 to 23:00 Sunday closed at 21:00.     Fees: depends of the attraction





Tokyo Mega Illumination

Every year since 2018 from October until January this park proposed an amazing lights show where you follow a path which represents a different scene. There is also a restaurant !