Minato is one of the central district of Tokyo, it goes along the bay and is in front of Odaiba, you can reach with the rainbow bridge,
It’s the place where you can visit the famous Tokyo tower or work and hanging out at Roppongi.
Minato is well deserved, just next the good districts of Shibuya !
Let’s discover the city !






      Living in Minato



This area is appreciated by family and tourism for its proximity with everything, there is business park and school, but also many touristic attractions and quiet parks. The building can give you a nice view all over Tokyo and its bay.

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      Main points of interest



Tokyo Tower

The most famous place in Tokyo is in Minato ward ! You can see the 333 meters tower from under and relax in the park just next or you can go inside the tower, with stairs or elevator, and admire a nice view on Minato. The tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower but is a little bit (13 meters) higher. It also a broadcast antenna.

Hours: 09:00 to 23:00  Fees : 1,200 ¥ (main deck) 3000¥ (both)



Roppongi Hills

This complex with high building is a good place for international restaurants and shopping. You can also visited the Mori Arts Museum and its amazing exhibition and admire the view of the district. Roppongi hills is also near to all the place to go out at night !




Akasaka Palace

Akasaka was a prince residence and is now one of the two guest house of government. It was designated as world heritage in 2009 and have a very different architecture than the Japanese buildings.  It have an amazing garden and inside furnitures, you can visit the place.

Hours: 10:00 to 17:00 closed the Wednesday  Fees : from 1,500 ¥ (building) 300¥ (garden)



Hamarikyu Gardens

The big historical park of Hamarikyu gardens is the best place to take a break from the city in Minato. the gardens will make you think about the Edo period. Every season have is special plants, anytime you go will be different.

Hours: 09:00 to 17:00   fees : 300¥




Suntory Museum of Art

This museum is interesting if you are interested by the the Japanese antiques and cultures. This big museum have a nice architecture but is also composed with historical Japanese art from every periods, but also with modern exhibition which change frequently. Perfect to understand a little bit more the story of Japan.

Hours: 10:00 to 18:00  closed The Tuesday  fees : from 1,300¥  (depends of the exhibition)




Gaien Higashi Dori

In Roppongi, this area is the best place to gout out and discover Minato’s nightlife. You can find the major bars and club on the district here. You can meet as much local as foreigners ! Very nice located near Roppongi Hills.




Seaside Top Observatory

Take a view of the city with this observatory deck, you can see the sun going down and admire the Tokyo tower by night but also all the bay with the rainbow bridge. In the day you can see the Mount Fuji.

Hours: 10:00 to 20:30   fees : 620¥




Advertising Museum Tokyo

This unique museum shows you the best or funniest advertising though all the differents periods of Japan. perfect for artist or people who want to discover a differents kind of exhibition !

Hours: 11:00 to 18:00 closed Mondays and Sundays  fees : Free